A Note from Mrs. Cari Reed, JIES - Astrozon Campus Principal

Hello, my name is Carissa (Cari) Reed and I have the privilege of being the Principal at James Irwin  Elementary School - Astrozon.  I was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada where my father was a Lutheran minister.  We moved to Iowa and then to Hillsdale, Michigan where I was raised.  I graduated from Hillsdale College with a major in History and a minor in English with an emphasis in writing.  Through my parents and my undergraduate education at Hillsdale College, I learned the value of hard work, service to my community, and the importance of preserving our national heritage. 

I have been blessed to serve students in the Colorado Springs community since 2005.  I began teaching fourth grade at James Irwin Elementary School - Astrozon the first year it was established.  I was determined to learn all I could learn about Direct Instruction.  I was amazed by the impact this kind of effective teaching made on students.  In my second year at JIES- Astrozon, I became the fourth grade lead teacher and, later, a teacher trainer/coach, working closely with Cindee Will and Elizabeth Berg.  Learning from these dedicated, passionate educators has been truly life-changing.  In 2015, I received my Master’s degree in Educational Administration.  I was the Assistant Principal for five years and I have been the Principal at JIES - Astrozon since 2018.

My husband and I met at Hillsdale College, and he is a biology and chemistry teacher at the high school level.  We have three daughters, Stella, Daphne, and Juliet, who all attend a James Irwin school.   I have seen them thrive under the focused guidance and intentional, exceptional teaching that they have received.  I whole-heartedly support and believe in the mission and vision of .  I know that all students can learn and want to learn.  I have experienced the hard work that goes behind making that statement a reality, and I have witnessed teachers working tirelessly toward the goal of helping students achieve success.  I count it as a privilege to work alongside such dedicated, selfless, knowledgeable educators.