JICA Staff

Kimberly Nabeta

Assistant Principal

Kimberly Nabeta’s passion for teaching children led her to James Irwin Charter Ac...

Belinda Armstrong

Attendance Clerk/Health Aide

Dominique Benitez

Administrative Assistant

Jenice Bosch

Dean of Students

Ami Brinlee

Intern Assistant Principal

Ami Brinlee has known that she wanted to be in education since the time she was in the ...

Grace Brueggemann

School Counselor Intern/ AP Literature/ AP Psych Teacher

Mrs. Grace Brueggemann first started her journey with James Irwin in 2008 as a freshman...

Chloe Whatley

Intern Assistant Principal

Chloe Whatley first began her journey for as an instruction...

Heather Allen

Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Heather Allen has been in education for 22 years. Her background is in elementary ...

Angela Bruton

4th Grade Instructional Assistant

Josie Carreon

Resource Assistant

Kayla Cook

4th Grade Teacher

Mandy Crane

3rd Grade Teacher

Mandy comes from a long line of teachers in her family and has been drawn to working wi...

Rachel Davidson

3rd Grade Instructional Assistant

Jessica Duster

PE Teacher

Jessica Duster is a dedicated teacher with a passion for math and PE. In 2012, Coach Du...

Sarah Garcia

Kindergarten Instructional Assistant

Milo Hancock

2nd Grade Instructional Assistant

Faithe Hausman

Kindergarten Instructional Assistant

Faithe Hausman started her journey with the James Irwin family by volunteering in the c...

Isaiah Hooker

3rd Grade Instructional Assistant

Rick Jacques

Satellite Assistant

Lynda Kenyon

Kindergarten Lead Teacher

Amanda McCormick

2nd Grade Instructional Assistant

Colleen Meakins

1st Grade Teacher Intern

Kiana Moxon

4th Grade Instructional Assistant

Taliyah Poindexter

3rd Grade Teacher

Taliyah Poindexter has had a passion for education and teaching since young childhood. ...

Paige Proulx

2nd Grade Lead Teacher

Paige Proulx is a dedicated and passionate educator in the field of elementary educatio...

Leili Reyes

Instructional Assistant

Victoria Sanchez-Mondragon

First Grade Instructional Assistant

Cynthia Schmidt

1st Grade Lead Teacher

Cynthia Schmidt is a dedicated educator with a diverse background in teaching. She has ...

Micah Smith

2nd Grade Instructional Assistant

Wilson Spreier

5th Grade Instructional Assistant

Jackie VanWert

5th Grade Teacher

Jacqueline VanWert considered education an important part of her life since her mother ...

Shelley Woody

Assessment Coordinator/Curriculum/ELL

Ms. Woody began her journey with in 2008. She enrolled her ...