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The Legend of Smoker and his Poisonous Smoke 

Hello and Welcome to Nothing Ever Happens in Canada, but we know this is simply not true! I'm Canadian Girl, thanks for joining me today on our next adventure. We're going to look at a legend out of Newfoundland and Labrador. We'll meet a very nasty and some say very violent man known as Smoker, a notorious bootlegger who seemed to always disappear into the snow just before being caught. A man who's poisonous hooch was known to cause blindness and even death, yet his price was too good for the locals to pass up. He then made a bargin to pay for his ways, leaving him and his dogs, roaming the trails for eternity in search of lost travellers. Join me now as we head to most NE province in Canada and find out what really happened with the legend of Smoker and his very poisonous hooch known as Smoke. Website - see the show notes and more! Find Everything ⤵️ Support the Show Leave a shiny 5 🌟 review Souvenir Shop - Merch 🇨🇦🛍 FREE SHIPPING CODE ➡️FREESHIP202d9513 ⬅️ 🔵PayPal or at A part of the Straight Up Strange Network, check us out! 🖖🏼👽 I really do appreciate your comments, you can email me at 📧 or contact me on social media at 📣 @nothingcanada on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We are now on YouTube ▶️ Pod Nation Playlist - The Aliens 🛸 Info Gathered From Book - Murder and Mayhem, Canadian Ghost Stories- by Dawn Sutherland Pics of the Newfoundland Storm Pics of Norway in Canada - Gross Morne

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