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The Lost Gold of Scottie Creek 

Hello and Welcome to Nothing Ever Happens in Canada, but we know this is simply not true! I'm Canadian Girl, thanks for joining me today for this Bonus Birthday Episode!! 1 year ago today we went on our very first adventure together and over 20 later here we are!!! As a thank you to all, another story of lost gold. Today we head back almost 130yrs ago to the day, in search of the the long lost gold of Scottie Creek. A man will strike it rich in a very unexpected spot on the Fraser Gold Fields of BC or did he? Did he take his treasure with him when he left, as some think, or is it still waiting for treasure hunters like us to find it! Bring your trusty shovel we've used so many times already, true Canadian crime knowledge, and maybe even a metal detector if you have it. Join me now as we try to solve the mysteries of Scottie Creek! I really do appreciate your comments, you can email me at or contact me on social media at @nothingcanada on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Support the Show Leave a shiny 5 🌟 review Souvenir Shop - Merch 🇨🇦🛍 🔵PayPal or at A part of the Straight Up Strange Network, check us out! 🖖🏼👽 We are now on YouTube

Info Gathered From

Picture of Strong Box at museum in Clinton

Picture found at: Lovely picture of stage coach on trip advisor

Picture found at: The Bandit Cider Book Lost Bonazas of Western Canada by Garnet Basque

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