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  • Canadian Girl

The Lost Golden Boot of Leechtown 

Hello and Welcome to Nothing Ever Happens in Canada, but we know this is simply not true! I'm Canadian Girl, thanks for joining me today as we go searching for an abandoned mining town that was once so busy it was a concern, it just might take Victoria right off the map. Miners from all over came in search of the next BIG gold strike along the Leech River. We will also learn about a secret stash of long lost gold that just may be hiding in a knee high boot with a frying pan on top for a lid thanks to a well know bandit named Rattlesnake Dick. Joing me now as we go hunting for this long lost golden boot worth over 3 million dollars today. Website - see the show notes and more! https://www.nothingcanada.com/ Find Everything ⤵️ https://linktr.ee/nothingcanada Support the Show Leave a shiny 5 🌟 review https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/nothing-ever-happens-in-canada/id1434418051?mt=2 Souvenir Shop - Merch 🇨🇦🛍 FREE SHIPPING CODE ➡️FREESHIP202d9513 ⬅️ https://nothingcanada.threadless.com/ Make a donation to channel 🔵PayPal https://www.paypal.me/nothingcanada1 or at nothingcanada.com A part of the Straight Up Strange Network, check us out! straightupstrange.com 🖖🏼👽 I really do appreciate your comments, you can email me at 📧 CanadianGirl2319@gmail.com or contact me on social media at 📣 @nothingcanada on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We are now on YouTube ▶️ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTWNTxL5O7ShEqHAw3-zCtg Pod Nation Playlist - The Aliens 🛸 https://www.podchaser.com/lists/PodNation-107Zzr3XOD Info Gathered From Book Lost Bonazas of Western Canada- edited by Garnet Basque You tube video - not much left today https://youtu.be/X2Sc5tvRhgU See pictures of Leechtown


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