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War Heroes of Canada 

Hello and Welcome to Nothing Ever Happens in Canada, but we know this is simply not true! I'm Canadian Girl, thanks for joining me, on this very special Remembrance Day episode. All you're going to need for this tale today, is your favourite headphones or other listening device that may be using and a bright red beautiful poppy. As we discuss some of the amazing war heroes of Canada, just in time for Remembrance Day here in Canada. Join me now as we meet some of the amazing war heroes from right here in Canada that should not be forgotten. Website - see the show notes and more! Find Everything ⤵️ Patreon Page - Join the Crew of your choice today 👇🏼🎧 🔴PATREON Souvenir Shop - Merch 🇨🇦🛍 🔵PayPal A part of the Straight Up Strange Network, check us out! 🖖🏼👽 I really do appreciate your comments, you can email me at 📧 or contact me on social media at 📣 @nothingcanada on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We are now on YouTube ▶️ Info Gathered from Tommy Prince Heritage Minute Video

Tommy Prince stands at right, with his brother Morris Prince. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons) Leo Major

Photo from Ernest 'Smokey' Smith Jean Flatt Davey

RCAF Women’s Division Personnel, undated. Jean Flatt Davey and Willa Walker are seen third and fourth from the left, respectively Photo from Willa Walker

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